• Helenback Race Series hosts trail races in Helen, Georgia


For people who have been running a while and been intoxicated by the sport, you don't need a lesson on why running is something worth pursuing. You already know that running is not just a way to stay fit or burn extra calories. For the true runners, you know it is something that guides how to live life. You don't need to read a book about discipline or goals. You don't need advice on how to deal with setbacks and failures. You've felt pain and setbacks and wanted to quit on your Saturday long runs while others sleep-in. You know what it's like to take on an impossible task. You also know the sweet moment of crossing the finish line - of having progressed for mile upon mile when you're exhausted. You've taken literal falls, looked down at bloody knees and kept running. You are tough and disciplined and have vision to see the long term - and running sharpens these attributes in your life.

And so that's why we started Helenback. Because we can't stop. And we believe that running makes us better people. Better spouses, better workers, better moms and dads, better humans ready to tackle the world. We think that regularly testing our human spirit is good for us. It makes us stronger than we could have ever imagined. So friends, keep running. We're all better for it.

-Thad, Dan, and Jason
Founders of Helenback